Monday, July 04, 2005

Independence Day

Darn, doesn't it always rain on the Fourth of July? It sure did here, after at least three weeks of very dry weather. Still, no one around here will complain if the fireworks get rained-out, no sir. We need the water.

See the storm clouds rolling in from the West

I always try to photograph the weather, mostly with bad results. I managed this lightning shot with a slow shutter speed and a little bit of luck...


Every year Goodfellow Air Force Base sponsors a fireworks display at the recreation camp on Lake Nasworthy. This event is hugely popular, and attracts thousands of spectators. Any open public real-estate on the small, 1200 acre impoundment will be lined with spectators. We live on the road that rings the lake, Country Club road, and it is the alternate escape route when the show is over. I don't think they even had the fireworks this year for the bad weather, but all the people were there. When most had realized the show was not to go on, the exodus began. I probably heard a steady stream of cars for at least an hour and a half while the crowds thinned out.

Slow shutter speed catches the stream of automobiles passing my house on Country Club Rd

Another year gone by, another Fourth. Happy Fourth to all!


Click this link to see the British Royal Dragoons Tank Regiment marines do a hilarious spoof of another spoof done by Peter Kay (British Comic, google him to learn more) of Tony Christie's 1970s hit (written by Yank Neil Sedaka, by the way).

Sure, Iraq sucks, but these guys at least have a sense of humor!

Is this the Way to Armadillo?


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