Saturday, May 14, 2005

Paddler Hooks Fish, Update at 11

I figured I'd show you how I get my boat down to the river crossing, which is only a hundred yards or so away. I put it on this trailer and grab it by its handling handles that are factory mounted bow and stern. It is an easy chore with the inflatable tires, the boat just rolls along. Heck, it only weighs like sixty lbs. loaded.

Here's a trailer that you don't need to pay registration on, and a boat that you can drink beer on without getting rolled-up by the cops!

Alright, well, it wasn't the first time I took the Predator kayak out fishing, but the second, and I managed to hook a flat head catfish (go figure)! I was using extreme-super-duper-ultra light gear, so it was fun trying to get this critter to the boat. I was using a micro-diver with two wire trebles, four-lbs test, and an omega micro-reel and a four-foot Shakespeare rod. I chuckled to myself when the drag broke loose on my itsy-bitsy reel, because it sounded really small.

Lots of people don't know that a catfish will hit a lure every now and then. Leave the stinkbait at home!

OK, so bagging a catfish wasn't the best outcome, but it was better than getting skunked. I'm just getting started on this river fishing thing, so I'm sure I'll learn more as I get some experience.

Maybe one day I can catch one of those bass fish!


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