Saturday, May 14, 2005

My Wife is a Hippie

As hard as Deb tries to hide it, she can't hide from the fact that she is actually a repressed hippie. This is evidenced by her interest in paddling. All people that paddle are hippies. At least that's what the powerboat crowd believes, and as a member of the powerboat crowd, I'm guilty by association, not just on count one, but on both counts.

The stereotypical paddler unloads the "yak" from a Volvo or Honda SUV, has the World Wildlife Federation sticker on the back glass, and eats vegan trail-mix for energy before the row. Their gear will be the good stuff, because they've got some cash, generally from a job, perhaps they are a medical doctor or a business consultant. These paddlers will head down to the water and pick up beer cans that are laying around the launch site like so much blue-collar detritus and deposit them in the proper receptacle before proceeding (I do that also). I always thought kayakers were snooty because they never wave. Then after I started paddling myself I realized that it takes two hands (blushing).

Now, I will admit that I've learned some things about the kayak, and I believe they are very fun and very good little craft. They are quiet so they make a nice stealthy fishing platform, they are relaxing and you can get around a lake or river pretty nicely on one if time is not a factor. They are a lot of fun, and since my wife was getting one, well then I was gonna get one, too! Kayaks are no-fuss, just haul them down to the water, plop it in and go. This makes them ideal for a quick afternoon trip.

Here's a shot of Deb in her Old Town Loon 111 in the cloud color scheme. Like I told you, she's a repressed hippie. She's probably wearing Birkenstock sandals in there.

Now, since I was going to get a kayak as well, and I really liked the Old Town Loon 111 (we tried one out a few weeks back), I needed to find one to match my persona. Let's see, how about an Old Town Loon 111, but in camo, with fishing rod holders, tackle holders, an anchor and most importantly a cup holder? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. No one will ever mistake my boat for a hippie's boat, no sir. I might even get a shotgun rack for the aft deck and perhaps add a couple of NASCAR stickers to the gunwales.

A more "masculine" version of the Loon 111, the Predator K111. What a great little boat. And no, I left my Birks at home, I'm wearing some Nike All-Conditions Gear sandals under there.

The river (South Concho) we are paddling is literally a hundred yards from our house, so Deb bought this cool aluminum frame thing with pnuematic tyres (brit spelling) that you lash the yak to and just walk it down to the water. Pretty low-stress. Now I need to devise a method to hang these guys from the ceiling of the garage.

We are looking forward to hauling the boats to a few different places if we can find the time this summer. Debbie bought a jumpseat for hers that allows Emily to ride in the forward cockpit. So its a another family activity, and a decent workout to boot!

Still, I aint no hippie...


Blogger Rancher said...

King of Queens. No offense dude but how did you get her? Let me know when you mount 50 cals on the bow.

1:28 PM  
Blogger prairie biker said...

I'm surprised there's no spit-cup mount or does that help attract catfish too?

You don't even own birks.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Mark A. said...


It's kind of hard to explain, she likes the hippie stuff, but trust me, that's not her politics. She's very pragmatic. She knows what is good and what is bad.

8:56 PM  

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