Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dangerous Microbes Wearing a Tutu

Sure, I could wax poetic on the questions of the day, war and peace, politics, junk-science and the like, but what fun would that be? Besides, there are thousands of bloggers with giant brains doing that very thing.

So let's just get down to the important stuff, shall we?

Tot Rides the Bouncy-Ball!

Holy cow, if you haven't seen this, it's a sight to behold. Tot, as you may remember, is Emily's constant companion and friend. Tot is of "diminuitive" build, so sometimes she gets lost (yes, Tot is a girl according to Emily). Tot is also running for president. I found her campaign material in the form of a brochure that Emily authored at school. Well I'll vote for her!

Tot balances on a bouncy-ball. How does she do that?!

An approving friend and mentor looks on as Tot rides the ball

The Flu wears a Tutu

This was the funniest thing I'd seen in a while. For those that don't know, my wife is a nurse. She was talking with a pharmaceutical rep who gave Deb a "giant microbe". First, you have to understand that pharmaceutical reps hand things out like candy, ink-pens, totes, pads of paper, and yes, giant stuffed microbes!. So this kind of phlegm green stuffed toy with two deep, black eyes shows up at the house, it is the flu-virus stuffed toy. Great. As if having the vaccine either stabbed into your arm or shot up your nose isn't enough, now we get the cuddly version.

My daughter, being who she is, brought the Flu into the fold, making it a classmate with the other stuffed toys that she teaches. Yes, my daughter is the teacher for a bunch of stuffed primates, felines, bovines, Equines, you get the picture. Well, the flu has shown up, and she's not pretty.

For those interested in buying your own stuffed deadly (or only irritating) microbes (Black Death, Ebola, bad-breath, athlete's foot, sleeping sickness) go no farther than here.

The Flu in a Tutu

Emily wants the Flu to fit in, so she swaddled her in a ballet tutu. Very nice! It almost makes me want to dance with the deadly virus (or a facsimile thereof!).

Something is Eating my Tomato Plants!

I was hoping that maybe something wasn't eating my tomatoes, but come on, if you plant a beauiful, succulent tomato plant, something is going to eat it. Whichever bug infestation I have, it is: a)very small, and, b)going to die.

Unkown pest eats Mark's tomatoes

If anyone has any advice, I'm all ears. I think I'll start with the soap wash-down and escalate from there. And, no, I'm not adverse to using some poison.


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