Tuesday, June 07, 2005

New Family Member

Meet Maddie

Let me introduce you to Maddie, our new kitten. We adopted Maddie from a friend and neighbor who is an athletic trainer who works for one of the local hospitals. His office is near the Sunset mall, and the Sunset mall has a feral cat problem. He found this little one outside of his office, and he couldn't pass her up. Of course, he's allergic, so we got the call. We'd been considering another kitten lately, so we went and took a look. I had one condition: no males. I'm the Alpha male of the house, I'm not competing with a cat, and I don't want to have my stuff sprayed on and marked like we've experienced in the past.

Maddie, or Kit-tain as I like to call her

Kit-tain meets Hambu. Kit-tain actually became scared at the sight of Hambu. That's pretty wimpy

Here's a contrast shot to show you how small Maddie really is. I think she's 4-6 weeks old, and the vet agrees with me!

Maddie was emaciated when we got her, but she's eating solid food (and correspondingly pooping), so the vet expects her to recover nicely. He suggested that she's probably not had much of a meal since she was weaned. She's a total mush-kitty. She can't pass up a lap to sit in.


We had some rough weather last week, and as usual, you're photo-correspondent was there to document the event. A tornado scraped past Goodfellow AFB and Wall, TX, I went the next day and saw the twisted tin from a barn and the spindled road signs.

I believe I photographed the tornado, have a look:

Whatcha think? Tornado? It fits the path the tornado took. DING DING DING! Sounds like a winner!

Pool Update

The pool is being swimmed in and enjoyed by all. Have a look:

I'm telling you, that's cheap entertainment!

Emily's new friends
Emily is growing every day, and she's met some girls with whom to ride bikes. Emily is very social and likes to make new friends. Of course, they all ended up in the pool!

Cycle gang!

Until the next time!


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She's already bigger than a pana-cat!

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