Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Back from Mexico

A salute to Brody

It took a while for me to post, because I've been running around like the veritable chicken with its head cut off. Shortly before I departed for Mexico, I learned that a beloved friend and former director of operations from the 25th Information Operations Squadron (Hurlburt Field, FL), Colonel Gregory N. Brodman, died suddenly of a heart attack at the too young age of 43. It was all the more of a shock because the colonel was in excellent physical condition. He was a great role model for all of his troops, and we admired him immensely. We learned on Friday that his funeral and burial would be at Randolph AFB and Fort Sam Houston respectively, so Debbie and I made arrangements to go and pay our respects to his widow, Diane, wife of 22 years, and to his family. I pray that Diane finds the strength and courage to emerge from this tragedy steeled for what life now brings her. The service was moving, and we were left with that empty feeling, knowing that a true advocate of the enlisted and officers alike, and a great leader and patriot, was no longer in our midst. May Colonel Brodman rest in peace. All the way, sir. You will be sorely missed.

Mexico in a Flash

I built a flash slide show of our trip to Mexico, it can be found here. Be advised, however, that I think the Flash is about four megs, so if you are dialing in, it might take a bit to load up. If you are on broadband, however, fire away.

I'll include a couple of stills from our mission to Mexico, which was two-pronged. One of our church members, Andy, invited his brother, a physician, Wayland, to come down and help some of the poor and downtrodden. I was brought along, not for my linguistic ability, but to paint a roof (on the girl's orphanage)! I loved doing it. The person who led this group, el "Don" Glenn, is nothing less than a real hero to the people of Cuauhtemoc, and a very, very nice person. He is also a great speaker of Spanish and a master of Mexican immigration, customs and traffic norms. Glenn, hats off to you, sir, for all that you do.

Wayland and Andy heading for the dispensary

An older gentleman waiting for his visit (good thing Wayland specializes in geriatrics!)

They saw some young ones, too. As a matter of fact, they saw all comers, seeing around 100 patients in two days.

"Don" Glenn also arranged and paid for prescription medication for all that needed it, set up in advance from a neighborhood pharmacy.

All in all, a very worthwhile and valuable experience, both for us and for the good people of Cuauhtemoc.


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