Sunday, April 10, 2005

Do the Hustle

So we had Em's birthday party at the old skating rink on the north side of town. I thought the rink was defunct, but I was wrong, it's alive and well. The lady that runs this rink told me the facility was built in the Forties! Man alive, that's a vintage rink! Complete with wood floor and old-timey appeal, this place was just fine for Emily's party. One bonus with this skating rink is that it never seems to be too crowded.

We played all the games, and of course we did the most famous and most requested skating game ever, the Limbo. Man how those little shrimps cheat. When I started calling them out on it, Debbie told me to pipe down and go back to coloring. I went and got my camera instead.

We sure had fun. I like old-timey stuff, and I like roller skating, and I like parties, so I was liking it! And they only blew the whistle at me three times for skating like an ignoramus!


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