Monday, April 04, 2005

For TSgt Glenn P. "Rocco" Lastes

I wrote a poem for my friend and long time aquaintance, TSgt Glenn P. "Rocco" Lastes, who was tragically lost in an AF SPEC-OPS plane crash on 30 March, 2005 near Tirana, Albania. Rocco was a special operator first, and one of my very first supervisors during the heady days of the mid 80s. Rocco was one of the good ones. We shall never forget. May God bless Rocco and his family in South Carolina, and may God Bless the eight other patriots lost in this tragedy. The Offical Account

A life shuttered down,
Like a secret untold,
Like sunlight not beaming,
Like breezes not blown,

Stopped in its stride,
The last moment stands still,
We float off in its wake,
Left to ponder God’s will,

Only the daring,
And those with truly brave souls,
Submit them selves to the thunder,
That infrequently rolls,

But when it does visit,
Bringing its terrible might,
It dashes the gallant,
And stains us all with its blight,

Peace now brother carry,
The end of turbulence nigh,
We see you perfectly laughing,
In our teary mind’s eye,

We will never forget,
For you are never too far,
We see you like a light in the dark sky,
As one of God’s shooting stars.

Fly safe now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A wonderful tribute to one of our fellow silent warriors. Thanks

10:22 AM  
Blogger EJL said...

Dear Mark,

I am Glenn's older brother Ed. Through meeting some of "Rocco's" compatriots in SC and at the Arlington ceremony, I've come to have an even greater sense of loss since his departure. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words.

Edward J. Lastes

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems like just yesterday I was on the mountain in albania. We spent a couple of weeks working at the wreckage site searching and recovering the bodies of the fallen heroes. May all those who died in the crash rest in peace, you are not forgotten. Sgt mccoy

3:45 PM  

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