Sunday, April 10, 2005

Ancient Iron

There are lots of vintage cars and trucks around San Angelo. I think there are a couple of reasons for that. The climate here is such that they really don't need to salt the roads (on rare occasion they do), and the relative humidity is very dry. This leads to sheet metal and rolling parts lasting a very long time. Combine that with the cultural ideals of West Texans, the fact that they value machinery and such that they just can't seem to let it go even when it is has served its purpose and it is spent. Many times it seems that people may have a personal reason to keep an old car around . For whatever reason, I always notice them. Here are a few of my favorites:

Heavy Trucks

How long has this old GMC been chugging along? I think it is about a '63...

I think this Studebaker truck is at most a model from the Forties, maybe even the Thirties. If anyone knows, feel free to comment.

Old Cars and light trucks

This old Chevy was tip-top, someone had either restored her (not obvious) or had taken really good care of her for a few decades. She has a "PowerGlide" emblem on the back. This car was obviously a sweet machine in its day, and it still is.

Here's an old '52 Chevy pick-up, long-wheel base, step-side. This old girl is in good shape, but she's seen new paint recently. She was last legally roadworthy in 2002. She could use a new wood bed floor, but she seems pretty solid. Asking price: $7500.

Here's an old Buick Special. What seemed obvious to me is that this car has its original paint. Awesome. Maybe someone will get around to restoring her, she's behind a fence, so she belongs to someone.

How about this baby. Hurst/Olds. Straight from the mid-80s, this girl could do some thumping back in the day. This car is definitely collectible, but she sits in a dilapidated used car lot. Caution, however, she's wearing racing slicks which may mean she's been run hard and put up wet. Still, I'm strangely attracted to the spoiler on the trunklid...

How about some Mopar action:

I don't know much about them, but this Coronet 440 seems like a good candidate for a restore.

Here's a meaty looking pair of Mopars:

I think the one to the left is a Duster, I don't know exactly what the one on the right is, I'd guess a Charger. Awesome.

As for the Fords...
Here's an old Falcon:

They made Falcons just like these in Argentina until only a couple of years ago...

I'd bet my third lugnut that this a Thunderbird. I couldn't guess the year, so if anyone knows, feel free to comment.

The follwing car is a Studebaker Hawk:

Anyone have a guess at the year?

Jeeps, etc.

Whoa, this ole flatfender is ancient, probably late Forties, early Fifties:

Admire those massive front locking hubs...

How about this one?

I don't have a guess as to its vintage, but I know its old. Notice the bonus Jeepster...

Throw the top back and enjoy some post-war prosperity. Gotta love the old Jeepsters.

If anyone has any input about any of these old gals, fire at will...


Anonymous Mike Conners said...

I love the 52 Chevy Pickup. Simplicity is often beautiful.


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