Friday, April 08, 2005


We've got lots of critters around here. These geckos I have in my garage, well, they are sort of freaking me out, because I can see what they ate through their clear skin. They hang around my Lawn Boy Authorized Service clock because it has a back-light that draws in their dinner. Apparently they eat pretty well, because they are all pretty healthy looking. I think I have about four or five living in the garage...

After searching around a little, it turns out these critters are the ubiquitous Hemidactylus turcicus, an invader from the Mediterranean. As long as they eat mosquitos and they don't poop on my hand tools, they are welcome to hang out.

We have a good-sized herd of whitetails in the neighborhood, they mostly hang out on the western side of Country Club road, among the wooded area between the Boy Scout camp and the Pecan Creek pavilion, along the southeastern shore of Lake Nasworthy. You can see this doe is near the power lines, with the marker number for the line pole clearly visible. She's getting some breakfast, there sure is lots of forage in the power line alley, so it's a magnet for the deer. I've been carrying my camera in the mornings because I'm trying to photograph the peacocks, but I got her this morning instead. Seems like everytime I bring my camera to get a shot of the pavo reales (spanish for peacock) they are hiding.

I might try to photograph a pole-cat next, Lord knows we've got our share of them. Sometimes the skunky smell is so thick you have to go indoors. There is always some dog that gets 'em fired up and they spray the daylights out of anything in sight.

I suggest skunks are dim-bulbs from my observations, they unleash their stink at the slightest provocation.


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