Wednesday, April 27, 2005

West Texas Color

Sure, we lack lots of the refined things in life. A good example: busy interstates. Still, we have grocery stores and even a Wal-Mart, and someone has been spreading the rumor that the fine folks in Bentonville are going to build a Sam's store here in our town. That's good news to me, because I've been missing being able to buy the fifty-pound sack of grits, or the actual "barrel of oil" we've been hearing all the newsfolk talk about.

Recently we were graced with the presence of a Home Depot, a scenario that caused the manager at Lowe's much apprehension. Still, our Home Depot was new for a good while, so they never marked anything down. Since I am my Mother's son, I don't buy hardly a thing unless I can save a buck or twenty. Now that the Home Depot has been here a few months, I can find the mark-down stickers on that bastard file I've been waiting months to buy, for example. They also had the "ladder transporter kit" on sale, something that I really don't need, because I don't own a large, extending aluminum ladder, but if I ever need to strap one down on the top of Debbie's car, I have the kit, and I only paid a buck seventy-five for it. It is taking up some space in my garage as I type this. And how about those sinks and toilets that are always on markdown? I am tempted everytime I walk by one to buy it, but Debbie smacks the notion right out of my head.

For groceries, well, it is hard to beat the home-town favorite, HEB. They have an excellent selection of fresh produce, and they have a complete selection of canned goods and other sundries to please the most discriminating gourmet... and they are not the high-priced leader, either. If you want to pay the most outrageous prices for groceries, go no farther than Albertson's. Holy cow, if you thought paying 1/3 again the asking price for a given item is a good deal, then Albertson's is your store. Freebie tip: if you are in a real big hurry, then Albertson's is your place, because there is nary a soul in there to impede your quest for groceries...

Still, HEB is the best, but not for meat. If you need a 28 ounce can of San Marzano tomatoes for grandma's spaghetti sauce, ding ding ding! But, if you want a good porterhouse, can I suggest, gulp, the commissary on Goodfellow? Yes, the commissary's vegetable and produce selection is very sad. Still, where else can you get a packer cut brisket for a mere $.98 a pound? On base! Goodfellow's meat market is top-notch, offering excellent cuts at a very, very good price. Besides, it is pretty convenient!

I admit, however, that Wally-world is pretty attractive at times, because you can buy TC-W3 outboard motor oil and eggs at the same time. You can buy Romex electrical cable and sausage. You can buy a pressure cooker and cinnamon, you get the idea. Wal-Mart has tons of stuff, but after about six times, you're gonna know what all is in there.

What does this all have to do with West Texas Color? Nothing.

But I offer you this picture of a West Texas sunset. Captivating...


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