Saturday, April 30, 2005

Navy Aviation

TC-12B on approach to Mathis field, San Angelo

It took me a bit to rundown this airplane and its mission, but here it is:

Aircraft Type: TC-12B Huron built by Beech aircraft. Very similar in appearence to the T-44.

Unit: VT-35 "Stinging Stingrays", TRAWING 4 NAS Corpus Christi. The interesting things about VT-35 is that it a jointly operated unit between the Navy and the Air Force. It is the only Navy command that was organized by an Air Force officer. The unit's mission is to train multi-place, multi-engine aviators in preparation for flying the C-130 and P-3 aircraft.

The squadron contracts its maintenance requirements through Raytheon.

I flew in one of these aircraft once on a trip to Fort Huachuca, in Arizona. A crew of Naval reservists from the Dallas/Ft. Worth NAS gave us a lift. They are neat little airplanes!


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