Thursday, July 28, 2005

All in the Fambly

Well, we had a great fambly visit a couple of weeks back (the occasion was Deb and I having our wedding vows blessed in church), and then Big Daddy Blue sent me on a business trip to Vandenberg AFB, near Lompoc, CA. Haven't really had a chance to get everything together, but let me throw a few pictures your way...lawds yes, we have hundreds of digital images of the historic gathering (my brother Scott finally crossed the Mississippi river) so we'll start with a select few...

Here are Aubrey, Emily and Deeter (Derek). They represent part of the last wave of kids for the Adams boys. The only one not shown is Jamie, we'll show her coming up here.

Here's one of two of the cousins, Jamie and Emily, and you can see they are tortur... no, wait, they are dressing kitten.

Proof my Dad can still rollerskate, and he's still pretty darn good at it, after all, he learned to do it some years back. The ancient roller rink on the north side of Angelo was a step back in time, as were the ancient rental skates you can see Dad wearing!

This guy has a huge sunbody hat and an electric personality. Hey, someone check his I.D.!

What's a family gathering without punishing members behind a boat? The Adams clan starts to punish them young, too... Here are cousins Kory (growed up one) and Derek (Deeter).

One of our most reliable visitors is sister Maureen. Her and daughter/Cousin Jennifer are intrepid travelers, and usually come to see Deb and I at least once while we are living somewere. Of course, this pair of globetrotters didn't disappoint! That shrimpy one is my daughter, Embou a froo-froo.

My twin brother Scott, along with his trusting family, finally made the trip out. Of course, it was fraught with peril, but they made it. Here you see Scott holding Maddie, Scott always had a soft spot for the little, furry critters, and I do too!

Then there is the coup de grace, the mother-of-all-photos (pun intended), an image of my loving and wonderful Mother. It is hard to capture this subject, you have to sort of sneak up on her. I managed it, though...

Love you, Mom! We know what's goin' down when Mom's in town!

So, there you have it. I may throw a few more pics out there as I wade through them all. I have more pics than NASA has of Space Shuttle heat tiles. Seriously.

Anyway, hasta la vista!

Mark out.


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